Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nice AZ quarter joins US majority with eco-designs

Grand Canyon State change

TUCSON -- The Arizona quarter is out and looks great. We should all be proud. Many states have attractive quarters, but ours is the best design so far. Great job by Gov. Napolitano and everyone who helped make it a reality.

Too bad our money won't buy much in this bad economy with prices on fuel, food and other essentials rising so fast.

With the Grand Canyon, Saguaro and desert design, Arizona joins the majority of states which have picked a natural or scenic image for their quarter.

I'm glad McCain and Bush/Cheney didn't get to pick the state quarter designs, as most would likely depict harmful oil & gas drilling on America's fragile public lands and waters.

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Jeneiene said...

I think it's really nice how you use the state quarters as wildlife and geography lessons with Ruby.