Sunday, August 03, 2008

Only one choice in LD29 for fair economic solutions

Listening and talking with students about improving AZ's economy

UPDATE, 8/16: More on Daniel Patterson and the economy.

TUCSON -- There is only one choice in LD29 for fair economics and fiscal responsibility, Daniel Patterson.

At least three of my main opponents want to raise your taxes significantly, including jacking up the sales tax by 18%, which will cost you and your family hundreds of dollars every year.

In this bad economy of rising prices, stagnant wages and growing unemployment, it's unfair and unwise for my opponents to want to raise sales taxes on working families and economically at-risk people, like many in district 29 across the south and southeast sides.

I ask for your vote as a compassionate family man who supports rewarding hard work, and understands how we are suffering in this weak economy.

Unlike my opponents, I am not stuck in the harmful old politics of sticking you with higher sales taxes. During this recession, I will help you.

The time for change is now!

Vote Patterson in the primary now - Sept 2 for an economically responsible and experienced leader.

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