Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Grijalva leading candidate for Obama's Interior

Congressman Grijalva is the best choice for US Interior Secretary.

UPDATE, 12/4: Even more support for Grijalva.

TUCSON -- US Rep. Raul M. Grijalva of Arizona is the leading candidate to head Obama's Interior Dept., reports the Wall Street Journal.

This is encouraging.


AZW88 said...

I have a feeling the Grijalva is hedging his bets and not accepted yet, or is seeking some concessions from Obama about policies and future actions he wants to take that may differ from what Obama wants.

If there is no announcement on this one by Monday, I suspect that he will not take the position.

R_K said...

In addition to the link that you provided in another post for President-elect Obama’s transition team, do you know of other means of contact, such as e-mail addresses and phone numbers, where citizens can express their support for Representative Grijalva?

I encourage all conservation NGOs, webloggers, and individuals who support Mr. Grijalva to contact whomever else might influence the decision-making process in selecting the next DOI Secretary.

I am a strong proponent for hunting when agencies derive harvest rates consistent with the unbiased principles of sound wildlife science and management. Although not a hunter himself, Mr. Grijalva has pledged support for science-based decision-making. The past 8-years of the Bush Administration’s unethical silencing of virtually all scientific methodologies, with disastrous results, is repairable when—if given the opportunity — Mr. Grijalva selects DOI colleagues with strong scientific backgrounds, many of whom are likely to advocate for reasonable consumptive uses along with other non-consumptive purposes when management options result from scientific investigation and logic.

Simply having experience as a hunter does not logically lead to the making of a good DOI Secretary. Furthermore, as evidenced from using Bush, Cheney, and Palin as exhibits, not all hunters are competent, honest, ethical, or intellectually curious enough for capable leadership.

Ron Kearns
USFWS Retired