Sunday, March 29, 2009

Did AGFD, FWS & zoo rush to kill Jaguar Macho B?

Rare Jaguar Macho B was trapped twice by AZGFD southwest of Tucson,
then quickly killed at the Phoenix Zoo.

UPDATE, 4/2: More truth is coming out here, including the likelihood AZGFD was intentionally trying to try Macho B in the first place, despite their claims they were not.

TUCSON -- Adding to earlier coverage, reporters Tony Davis and Tim Stellar have an important front-page story in the Star today on the unfolding truth about the capture and death of endangered Arizona Jaguar Macho B at the hands of the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

AZGFD seems especially guarded and un-transparent about all this, which raises suspicions. One thing is clear, many big predators captured and collared by AZGFD, often with the permission and cooperation of USFWS in the name of 'research', wind up dead.

USFWS, which for years has fought against protecting Jaguars in the US, has acted similarly irresponsible on this issue. It's clear this reckless agency has not yet seen reforms from the Obama administration or his Interior Sec. Ken Salazar that have much on-the-ground meaning.

Scientists from the University of Arizona seem to be disagreeing with the official spin from the agencies and Phoenix Zoo about the need to euthanize the rare Jaguar.

This is not the end of this sad story. The truth will come out and those responsible at all levels should be held accountable.

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Pamela Jai Powers said...

So, the US Wildlife Service capture of Macho B led to the slaughter of the LAST wild jaguar in the US because he was sick? At first I was outraged, thinking, "Don't we have medicine?" But then I remembered that we live in the US-- the only major world power that refuses to care for its citizens when they are ill.

We allow millions of Americans to live without health care and preventive services. Without needed medications or procedures, it is not unusual that this leads to death. The weak are expendable-- it's our national ethic. Sick, huh?