Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Watch Rep Patterson ads; mail in ballot Fr; vote Tu

TUCSON -- Voters in LD29, I've worked hard for the middle class and I ask for your vote. Please watch our positive TV ads here below.

If you still have a vote by mail ballot you must mail it back by Fri. Oct 29. If you miss this mail deadline, please turn in your ballot at your regular polling place Tue. Nov 2.

If you haven't voted early, please vote at the polls Tue. Nov 2. Vote Patterson. Vote Democratic. Consider my recommendations on propositions. Thank you for voting!

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Nol Day said...

Do the humane thing and support medical mariuana! lets be mature about phrohibition, it does not work!So the real question is does the Mexican Cartel make the money OR the Us Government, thats the only sane choice!!! Stop the drug war from bleeding our rescources dry!!!!!!!

DRP said...

I support AZ Prop 203. Vote yes.