Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kyl leads US to moral low with hateful border walls

TUCSON -- Yesterday was a sad moral low point in US history.

It's official, the US Senate pushed election year fear and politics by bowing to Jon Kyl and House extremists and approving 700 miles of Berlin Wall on the US-Mexico border.

The vote was 80-19.

Will Jim Pederson, Gov. Napolitano, or Gabrielle Giffords join Congressman Grijalva to wisely oppose the wall vote and denounce the action of congress? They absolutely should.

Many fearful lame dems joined the border wallheads, including Boxer and Feinstein of CA, Clinton of NY, Stabenow of MI, and Obama of IL.

Sen. Bingaman of NM gets special thanks as the only border state Senator with the backbone to vote against this hateful boondoggle. Senate dem leader Reid of NV smartly voted no.

Sen. Chaffee of RI
also deserves thanks as the only GOP member to vote against the Berlin Wall. The only Independent in the Senate, Jeffords of VT, also voted no.

Walls will crush wildlife, endangered species, relations with Mexico, and rights of indigenous people.

Expensive walls won't work, but a huge area will be walled off, about double the boundary between Arizona and Sonora.

President Ronald Reagan, who in 1987 called on the Soviets to tear down the Berlin Wall, must be spinning in his grave.

What we really need is a huge triple wall around Washington DC to protect us all from our terrible congress and president.

Friday, September 29, 2006

New feature! AZ activist of the month: Sandy Bahr

PHOENIX -- Sierra Club policy advocate Sandy Bahr is the Arizona activist of the month for September.

Sandy Bahr is the most important environmentalist in Arizona, period.

She dogs the legislature, developers, and other despoilers of nature.

Sandy is currently leading the fight against bogus AZ Prop. 207.

Sandy is smart, trusted, respected, tough, hard working, fair and effective.

AZ activist of the month is a new feature on Daniel's News & Views. I will select someone each month, and then an activist of the year in December. Send nominations if you want to participate.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

GOP attacks constitution & fair AZ 9/11 memorial

PHOENIX -- Republican right-wingers from Maricopa County continued to assault free speech and balanced views with their threats against Arizona's 9/11 memorial.

The memorial seems pretty lame, but still that doesn't stop the grandstanding of thought-controlling extremists.

Lead by wingnuts like Russell Pearce, the GOP censors are threatening to take down the monument, or delete some of the statements they don't like, such as anything having to do with peace or fairness.

These warmongers are clearly playing election year politics for their heroes GW Bush and Karl Rove. Pearce would probably like to replace the memorial with a USA bomb, or images of dead Iraqi children killed by our unwise war.

Arizona's legislature is currently a sad joke. Please vote in some smarter representatives, especially in the Kindom of Maricopa.

Pima County is doing our part.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

AZ planners meet in Mesa on future state growth

MESA AZ -- I, as a Tucson Planning Commissioner, and many other planners from across Arizona are meeting here this week under the valley heat and white sky.

I'm in the library now, because this city seems to offer no wireless access.

Many topics are on the agenda. Everything from light rail and greenbuilding, to roads, mega-sprawl projects, and buying AZ state lands for urban sprawl.

I once wrote a song about Mesa, called "My Mining Claims in Mesa." It is fictional song about my historic mining claims here and how everyone must go so I can dig a big hole, and how society wouldn't lose much by mining Mesa in the mostly ultra-right East Valley. Still seems fairly accurate.

How about digging up the land under Mesa Arts Center (in photo) or the landmark Mesa LDS temple, just as many Mormons have torn up indigenous and public lands? Just kidding.

I'll be doing my best to represent a progressive responsible development view from Tucson. But please rescue me in Mesa if I don't show up back in Tucson soon.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

More Kyl failures: Iraq, terrorism and veterans

PHOENIX -- As reported in the New York Times Sept. 24, U.S. intelligence agencies confirmed that the Bush Iraq policy has increased terrorism, yet ultra-right wing Jon Kyl won't admit that his embrace of the White House’s ‘stay the course’ Iraq position is a mistake.

The National Intelligence Estimate concluding that the Bush Iraq policy increases terrorism was written by officials from every federal intelligence agency, and was based on raw intelligence.

The National Intelligence Estimate completed in April asserts that Islamic radicalism has grown worldwide and that the U.S. war with Iraq is the key reason behind the spread of terror threats. The report “says that the Iraq war has made the overall terrorism problem worse,” said one American intelligence official. The report reflects the view of 16 government intelligence services, including the CIA, and was approved by Director of National Intelligence John D. Negroponte, confirms predictions in a January 2003 pre-war NIE, which stated that the war impending war had the potential to increase terrorist objectives.

Kyl Still Supports Bush’s “stay the course” policies. Earlier this month, the Arizona Daily Star noted that Kyl “said he advocates staying the course.” Kyl has made no secret of his unquestioning support for the administration's Iraq war. Jon Kyl even called Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld a “four-star” lineup.

Kyl also voted against protecting American troops with quality body armor.

We can't keep Kyl in the Senate, he has failed badly and often.

Vote Jim Pederson.

Monday, September 25, 2006

TEP slow fixing its problems cutting home solar

UPDATE, 9/29: TEP was out today, and may have finally fixed the problem, at least for now. DRP

TUCSON -- I am a proud producer of clean energy from the Arizona sun, right here in downtown Tucson. But I'm having a problem with Tucson Electric Power, a Unisource corporation.

For at least a month, TEP's powerline from the pole to my house has been putting out too much voltage, shutting down my solar system. This limits the solar energy I can produce, and costs me money.

TEP has been slow to address the problem, meaning everyday less clean energy is produced.

TEP has a great home solar program, but they must be more responsive and fast to fix problems on their end.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pima's Ray Carroll fights foreign mining in S. AZ

TUCSON -- In these dark days of environmentally hostile politics, especially from the GOP, we need more leaders like Republican Pima County Supervisor Ray Carroll.

Ray is sticking up for our local interests by working to stop a foreign mining corporation from tearing up the Coronado National Forest in the scenic Santa Rita Mountains.

Most politicians, including Bush, Jon Kyl and Randy Graf, are happy to pimp our natural resources to big money eco-destroyers.

Protecting the environment is a broad public-interest issue, not partisan, and Ray is wise to recognize that.

Thanks, Ray.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Libertarian scammer Lori Klein & bogus AZ P. 207

WEST VALLEY AZ -- Lori Klein, the 'homeowner' pushing for bad Prop. 207, isn't who she claims to be in the media.

Klein is hardly just a 'homeowner', she is an extreme right-winger who is married to Laird Maxwell, a Libertarian from Idaho who is infamous for funding and pushing ballot measures from afar, according to an Aug. 26 story in the Omaha World-Herald.

Maxwell is also a pushing a controversial anti-public-interest ballot measure in Nebraska this year.

Klein is seen here left of bad news Rick Renzi, and below speaking at a Libertarian conference in Alabama last February, in her position as a National 'FairTax' Fundraiser, for a Houston-based Libertarian anti-public-service group.

I'm not against Libertarians, in fact I support some core Libertarian ideals, but Klein, Maxwell, and the big money out-of-state developers pushing Prop. 207 are just not honest.

Bloggers need to push this story because the mainstream media isn't telling the whole truth, or asking the tough questions about Prop. 207 and who is really behind it.

Prop. 207 would be very bad for the public-interest, public health, environment, and neighborhoods in Arizona.

Vote NO on Prop. 207!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Graf/Kyl border militarization same old failed loss

TUCSON -- The federal government has been rapidly increasing border militarization and enforcement for over a decade, and it doesn't work.

Congressman Raul Grijalva, leading congressional hopeful Gabrielle Giffords and Senate candidate Jim Pederson want change.

Randy Graf and Jon Kyl want more of the same old, same old Bush failures.

Over the last decade illegal immigration is way up, so are deaths of migrants, women and children crossing the desert. America is no closer to solving this complex problem than we were in the early 90's.

Walls won't work, people get around them, but they would crush wildlife, rivers, and open spaces.

As long as migrants are willing to die for the jobs American's give them, we will not stop them with the more of GOP's enforcement only and border militarization failed approach.

Illegal immigration is primarily an economic issue, which demands economic solutions. We must find a way for migrants to legally cross at the ports of entry to work in the US, then return home as most of them want to.

Migrants already here are not going away, so let's find a balanced way to normalize them so they can come out of the shadows and join the American dream. Conservative US President Ronald Reagan tried this in the mid-80's, so it is hardly a radical 'liberal' idea.

Extreme Republican right-wingers Randy Graf and Jon Kyl offer more of the same tired federal deportation and border militarization policies that have miserably failed.

Jim Pederson and Gabrielle Giffords have more reasonable and moderate border solutions that will work to control to America's borders, benefit our economy, and protect our environment.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Progressives stop bitching, keep clean elections

PHOENIX -- Arizona's clean elections system is a model for the country, so why are some dems and moderate republicans talking about stopping it?

It may be because right-wingers have so far overall been more effective at using clean elections than others. I'm no right-winger, but so what!

Dems and progressives must improve at using the clean elections system, not bitch and moan to weaken or dismantle it.

Progressives, please stop complaining and get better organized. Arizona must keep clean elections.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Decade to cut pollution 50-80% to curb warming

TUCSON -- The leading US climate scientist, NASA's James Hansen, says we have only a decade to curb life-threatening global warming pollution.

The Kyoto treaty is not nearly enough. Climate experts say we need a 50-80% cut in greenhouse gas emission by 2015-20.

The recent global warming executive order by Arizona Governor Napolitano is nice, but not enough. People appreciate Napolitano's action, but it is like putting a band-aid on a cut artery. Nonetheless, it is a good first step for our state.

Global warming threatens not only the arctic, but also already hot places like Arizona. Imagine summers with daily highs and lows 10 degrees hotter than they are now. Phoenix, Tucson, and Yuma could become almost unlivable.

Cutting global warming pollution is something we all can, and must, do everyday. Use less power, put solar panels on your roof, drive as little as possible, and demand politicians take a long-term view and take needed actions now, not just band-aid measures.

These simple measures will save you money, and more importantly save the future of life on earth as we know it for our children and grandchildren.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bush GOP wrongly attacking rights, border, forests

WASHINGTON -- Bush and the House GOP radicals are at it again, attacking human rights, border solutions, and the environment.

First, on the border, the 'get tough' evil House Republicans moved to build a 700 mile Berlin Wall along the US-Mexico border.

The House non-solution is pure election year BS. Expensive walls will not work, but will cause more deaths, huge harm to wildlife, rivers, and the environment, and harm relations with Mexico, a critical ally and trading partner.

The entire GOP House delegation from Arizona, save one, voted for the draconian, inhumane, and inaffective border walls. To his great credit, Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe, the only member of Arizona's delegation who actually represents a border district (AZCD8), joined dem Reps. Pastor and Grijalva in voting against the new Berlin Walls on the Mexican line.

Radical right-winger Randy Graf likely thinks 700 miles of border Berlin Walls is not enough.

Sadly, 64 House dems joined the GOP's fear and racism-based Berlin Wall border blunders; pathetic and dumb. This included Nick Rahall (D-WV) the ranking dem on the House (Natural) Resources Committee. This vote and other blunders are good reasons not to make Rahall chairman of this important committee if the dems re-take the House. Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) is a much better choice.

Next, GOP House Darth Vaders, lead by corrupt Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), rubber stamped a Bush plan to go around the Supreme Court and re-allow torture of war prisoners and denial of access to fair trials.

This Bush/GOP extremism puts US agents and troops at risk of more torture if captured. 'Evidence' gained through torture has often been shown to be false, because tortured prisoners will make up anything to stop being tortured, even if they know nothing.

Finally, the lawless Bush Forest Service is resisting following a new federal court ruling from a Tucson judge that rejected the controversial, unpopular and unfair public lands fees on Mt. Lemmon, Sabino Canyon, Madera Canyon, and on public lands nationwide.

Bush and the GOP have dramatically underfunded the Forest Service, harming conservation, hunting & fishing, and recreation. At the same time, Bush and the GOP increase subsidy payments to corporations (many of them foreign owned) who are mining, ranching, drilling, developing, and ruining our public lands.

Bush and his radical right-wing mercenaries are on a roll, rolling over you, me, our families, and the common good, and rolling right toward a cliff on November 7.

Vote these chumps out!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kyl on low road with Bush lie, lie again fear politics

PHOENIX -- Lately it has become a common Republican tactic to just make up lies and repeat them over and over hoping some will stick for political gain.

That is the low-down dishonest tact Jon Kyl is taking against populist US Senate candidate Jim Pederson.

Pederson pledges to cut taxes for small businesses and families, but a new Kyl ad claims without credibility just the opposite.

Kyl's lie is even more insulting because Kyl has been an enemy of small business and families as a mercenary for mega corporations and big invasive government.

He's been so bad, in fact, that a recent Arizona Republic article details how Kyl has refused and failed to bring federal support to help people in our fast growing state. Under Kyl we all pay high fed taxes, and our money goes to DC but never comes back to help us at home.

Instead of services and help for Arizonans, Kyl pushes pork tax cuts for ultra-rich NASCAR.

As an Independent who sometimes supports Republicans, I am disgusted, and you should be too.

Jon Kyl, another lying politician keeping honest politics down. We can't trust Kyl.

Vote Jim Pederson for a Senator who cares about helping Arizonans.

Giffords poised for congress to help AZ & America

TUCSON -- It's on! Giffords v. Graf, and Giffords will win in November.

“What is unmistakably clear is that the choice in this election is between common sense or beliefs that don’t fit Southern Arizona. If you elect me in November, I will work my heart out to bring Southern Arizona together, not drive wedges to force us apart,” Giffords said last night.

Gabrielle cruised in the dem primary, thanks to her smarts, likeability, positions, supporters, and great campaign machine.

Her main challenger, Patty Weiss, made a very smart and smooth political move by showing up at the big victory party last night to take the stage and warmly endorse Giffords. U.S. Army veteran Alex Rodriguez, another dem candidate, also showed up to endorse her.

On the GOP side, extreme right-wing candidate Randy Graf won less than half of the primary voters, but enough to get the nomination. GOP favorite Steve Huffman could not overcome the scared racist vote.

Watch for moderate Republican Jim Kolbe, the long-time respected congressman retiring from AZ CD8, to possibly help Giffords. Kolbe does not like Graf, who challenged him and lost in 04. Jim has said many times Graf is too extreme for the district.

Graf will attack and it'll be a tough race, with the border as the big issue, but I'm confident Giffords will be going to Washington. Giffords will steal the border issue from Graf with plans for real solutions, not just more failed border militarization.

As Gabrielle rightly says, 'change can't wait', and the winds of political change are blowing strong in southern Arizona.

Read this blog for close inside coverage of this great race of national importance.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Weak Huffman fake, can't out tough Graf on border

TUCSON -- US House candidate Graf (R) is a real white guy -- far-right and not too smart, but he sure talks tough. Here he is speaking from his hate notes to racist vigilantes.

Challenger Steve Huffman's (R) attempts to out tough Graf on the border are laughable.

Both Graf and Huffman are way wrong with their fear-based enforcement only border militarization approach. But I endorse Graf in the primary election Tuesday for being what he truly is, a punishing dude.

Graf really would gun down all those migrants. Wannabe Huffman is faking it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gonzo rich baseball dude wants big money Kyl

UPDATE, 9/14: It was announced today that Gonzo will leave the AZ Diamondbacks at the end of this season.

PHOENIX -- Luis Gonzalez is batting .275 this season for the Diamondbacks but he still makes $10.7 million, and that is before his many endorsement and commercial deals. He probably makes $25-50 million a year total. Almost as much as Kyl-backer Dick 'Darth Vader' Cheney.

So it is no surprise this declining overpaid baseball player backs big money Jon Kyl. Gonzo is not nuts, he wants more big tax cuts. He also has no political credibility, and probably doesn't even vote.

Luis, you should focus on playing better, or better yet, retire. Your D'backs won't be in the playoffs this year as you rake in the dough. And Kyl won't be in the Senate after he strikes out with Arizona's regular voters in November who want change and will vote for populist Jim Pederson.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pima County says save the scenic Santa Ritas

UPDATE, 12:25pm: This resolution will likely not pass today due to technical issues, but the Board is supportive and likely will pass it soon. DRP

TUCSON -- The Pima County Board of Supervisors will very likely move this morning to support protecting the scenic Santa Rita Mountains, south of Tucson on the Coronado National Forest, from destructive mining proposed by a foreign corporation.

Supervisor Ray Carroll (R) has listened to citizens' concerns and proposed a strong resolution in favor of conservation in this wonderful Sky Island range. Thanks, Ray.

The Pima Supervisors are representing the interests of county residents, and all Americans, with this move to protect national public lands in Pima County.

The Forest Service should listen and say no to the speculative mining proposal.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Big political & public turn out at Tucson Labor Day

UPDATE, 9/4, 9pm: Good turnout on a nice day from public and politicos. All gave good speeches, especially Grijalva. Well run event by unions; kids had fun. The feeling of positive change is in the air. Giffords for Congress meet and organize event tomorrow at 5:30pm, Zivaz, 4590 E. Broadway, Tucson. DRP

(9/3) TUCSON -- The Governor and several political candidates are planned to speak tomorrow at the annual Labor Day event starting at 10am at the Reid Park bandshell.

Congressman Grijalva, US Senate candidate Jim Pederson, and US House candidate Gabrielle Giffords are also planned speakers.

Strong support in Pima County is critically important to all three candidates.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Giffords good fit for Tucson, Santa Cruz, & Cochise

BISBEE AZ -- Gabrielle Giffords, the leading candidate to replace outgoing incumbent Jim Kolbe in congress, is a good fit for Santa Cruz, Cochise, and Pinal counties, and metro Tucson.

In my experienced view, as an Independent, Gifford's supportable positions on the border, environment, military, and economy make sense for all of Congressional District 8 in southeastern Arizona.

Giffords will be good for Sierra Vista, Tubac, Patagonia, Bisbee, Willcox, Sonoita, Portal, Douglas, Benson, N. Catalina, and metro Tucson.

Giffords clearly stands above a pretty strong dem group of candidates. She is far superior to all the GOP candidates. At 36, Giffords will be a fresh but still experienced voice of reason in DC for all of SE Arizona.

This primary is important. Vote Giffords Sept. 12 or early if you already have your ballot.